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I have always been passionate about health and wellbeing as well as helping others to live their best lives and in 2017, I trained as a hypnotherapist to fuse these passions together. My goal as a therapist is to help my clients overcome any issues they may be facing and live a more positive life. I practice Solution Focused hypnotherapy which focuses on the solution rather than the problem and encourages the client to use life skills they already have. This method of hypnotherapy is known for fast results and can be used to combat a variety of problems including depression, anxiety, or smoking. My clients regularly comment on how life-changing this therapy is for them as well as how quickly they feel at ease when working with me.  I believe that building a good relationship with my clients is necessary in order to have breakthroughs in their treatment.  I always want to be able to offer my clients the best and newest services and techniques, so I am passionate about continuing my education and research. Additionally, I am currently training as a counsellor so that I can expand the services I’m able to provide. I thrive off of seeing the value in my work and the positive influence I have on the lives of others, so I always make sure to give each client 100% of my energy and attention.

When I’m not working, I love to spend time with my family, friends and walk my dogs as well as focus on my personal growth and self-exploration.

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