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Covid Vaccine Fear - Is it the Vaccine or could it be the Needle?

Covid-19 vaccination: Needle phobia - it's the jab, not the vaccine, some fear

BBC News

A mass vaccination programme against Covid-19 is currently taking place across the United Kingdom. Whilst some people have concerns regarding the actual vaccine, others have a different fear, the fear of needles.

The fear of needles can arise from early childhood and can range from an intense dislike to more extreme physical symptoms such as fainting. The reason that some people develop a phobia is because at some stage in their life they have associated needles with an emotional issue.

There are various methods that can be used to treat a Needle Phobia, one of the successful ways is Hypnotherapy. Introducing relaxation techniques and using visualisation to reduce the intensity of the feelings surrounding needles and injections can therefore dimmish the strength of the feelings which will allow for a less stressful and more routine experience.

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